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October is just around the corner, which means... This means that the team of the Kyiv region will conduct a SELECTION of talented boys and girls for SPORTS ORIENTEENG classes in the Irpin` district!

Who is the "Kyiv Region" team?
"Kyiv Region" has been running its history since 1996. The team consists of pupils of Irpinska DYUSH, KODYUSH, graduates of these schools and other like-minded athletes who decided to go together to the heights of health, sports and self-improvement. . We have a lot to be proud of. If you want to know the details, visit our social media pages:

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What are we doing?
In the program of classes: game, running, roller, cartographic and ski training. Orientation of classes: development of functional systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, etc.), prevention of damage to the musculoskeletal system, development of physical qualities (dexterity, endurance, flexibility, speed, strength) and higher mental functions (thinking, memory, attention ). ). Our athletes perform successfully not only in orienteering competitions, but also in trail starts and ski races!

Children of what age do we select?
2010-2011 years of birth (on the basis of secondary school №3 in Irpen)
2009-2010 years of birth (on the basis of secondary school №17 in Irpen)
2009-2010 years of birth (on the basis of secondary school №18 in Kotsyubynske)

Where do the classes take place?
On weekdays - at the bases of secondary schools of the Irpin region: No. 3, No. 17, No. 18. On weekends, classes are held in the most amazing locations of Kyiv and Kyiv region: (Koncha-Zaspa, Holosiyevo, Pushcha-Vodytsia, Feofania, Pyrogovo, Vyshgorod hills, parks of Kyiv, etc.)

Why do we SELECT children? Orienteering is a complex sport that requires a high level of intellectual and physical development from the athlete. Unfortunately, not all children have these components in a balanced form. Tests and game tasks help us show what a child is capable of. After the results of the tests and the trial period (2-4 weeks), 10-12 children will remain in the group. This is optimal for efficient work. We select the gifted to make them unique!

Is your child suitable for orienteering?
There are no 100% tests to determine this right away. But if your child has good grades in math, basic English, and good motor coordination, that's a SERIOUS bid for success!

What documents are required for initial classes in sports orientation?
After successfully passing the tests, it is necessary to provide a certificate from a pediatrician (family doctor) about admission to sports.
What equipment is required for classes? In the initial classes, the following are required: sports uniform, sneakers, roller skates, pen, notebook.

Who conducts the classes?
1. On the basis of secondary school №3 in Irpen - Svitlana Oleksandrivna Polubentseva, master of sports of Ukraine in sports orientation. (tel. 095 2915720)
2. On the basis of secondary school №18 of the village. Kotsyubynske - Andriy Valeriyovych Podgayetskyi, master of sports of Ukraine in sports orientation, candidate of pedagogical sciences (tel. 067 7815752)

What is the fee for classes?
There is no fee for classes for children who will pass the selection (the work of trainers-teachers is paid for by the sports school).

When and where will the selections be held?
Throughout October, competitions between classes will be held at school bases as part of a physical education lesson. Preliminary information will be posted in schools and brought to the attention of class teachers.

What should be remembered?
Training champions is not an end in itself for Kyiv Region. This is only one of the components. We educate PERSONALITY! See you at the QUALIFICATION starts)))